Do you need a Dallas area personal trainer? Do you want to reach your peak?

dallas texas personal fitness trainerIf you are looking for a Dallas fitness trainer, Team Fitness is your best choice. Personal fitness trainer, in-home training, outdoor workouts, nutrition, stretching and meditation, power lifting, running, biking, hiking, group and personal training. Whatever your need, Team Fitness will work with you to set and achieve your goals. Over the past 30 years, personal trainer John Tyree has trained all ages - with injury-free results.

Do you need an adventure? How about guided mountaineering in the highest mountains of New Mexico and Colorado? Team Fitness will guide you there. Call today at (972) 998-6281.

Available for travel for speaking or coaching engagements - call (972) 998-6281 or email us today.

International Powerlifting consultant, champion, and coach, John Tyree, is available for travel world-wide. Read about our powerlifting seminars.

Personal trainer serving Duncanville, DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Dallas, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Arlington, Fort Worth

Mountain Climbing Guide


Do you want to climb the highest mountains in New Mexico and Colorado, and get a view that few people in the world will ever see?


Duncanville Fitness Trainer


John Tyree has been a personal trainer to more than 1,000 people from ages 8-95 over the past 30 years, with injury free results for all.


Power Lifting Coach


John Tyree has been a 27 time Texas State Champion, 12 time US National Champion, and 7 time World Champion power lifter...


Team Fitness Mission Purpose

Provide to as many people as possible effective strategies and goals to continually develop and achieve higher levels of health, energy, happiness, and well-being. ANSWER THE CHALLENGE!

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