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  • Complete Fitness for any sport
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    • Power
    • Cardio
    • Endurance
    • Flexibility
    • Agility
    • Balance
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  • Customize your workout and upgrade through email
  • Meal Planning and Effective Supplements
  • Rest and Recovery (very important)
  • CANI Training (Train Smart not just hard)
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John Tyree has been a personal trainer to more than 1,000 people from ages 8-95 over the past 30 years, with injury free results for all. His 360° fitness and training strategy includes nutrition, strength, cardio, flexibility, and agility. He tailors the program to each client's age, weight , and physical fitness level. He emphasizes goal setting to ensure your continued involvement in the program.

His clients have been professional athletes, people with disabilities, Special Olympians, people with physical injuries, pregnant women, and anyone with a desire to get and/or stay in shape. From 1993-1999, he designed and coached the strength training and weight management programs for Miss Texas in preparation for the Miss America Pageant.

Whether indoor training or outdoor workouts, alone or in groups, your individual program will fit your needs and interests.

Fitness Activities

answer the challengeStrength Setting up your home gym, supervising its use, working with weights
answer the challengeCardioRunning, cycling, hiking, group workouts
answer the challengeFlexibilitySuper stretching and meditation

answer the challengeTeam Fitness Training Principles

  • Concentrate on the mind to muscle connection.
  • Muscle - NOT momentum - moves the weight.
  • Resist gravity. You - not the weight - are in control.
  • Search for balance.
  • Consistency is your KEY to success
  • answer the challengeAlways breathe more deeply than necessary.
  • If you feel any pain (not just the training effect) stop immediately.
  • The fastest way to your goals is to progress slowly.
  • Make every repetition a quality, effective rep.
  • Be aware of the four disciplines of fitness. Practice all for complete fitness.
  • Written goals will keep you on track
  • Cycle your training in 8-12 week cycles

Four disciplines of fitness

Strength / weight training - 2-4 days a week

Cardio-vascular / aerobic - 4-7 days a week

Flexibility / stretching - daily

Balance / coordination - daily

answer the challenge

I have been a client of John Tyree for many years. Even though he is a personal trainer, I feel he is a mental trainer as well. He gets into your head and makes you set goals to feel better, not only about your body, but your mind. I hate to think what my physical condition would be like had I not worked out with John. I highly recommend him to anyone.
- Guy Plumpe

John Tyree is the epitome of motivation and forward, positive thinking. Just his mere presence at any activity, whether it be at the gym working out, on a hiking trip, in the body building or power lifting arenas, is very uplifting to me. John has and continues to help me achieve personal goals for myself. There is no better personal trainer than John Tyree. I will continue to allow him the opportunity to provide me with the emotional, mental, and physical support that I need for my occupation and overall well-being. Every time I work out with John, I know that it is the ultimate opportunity and challenge for both of us. Thus, as the saying goes, he allows me to "answer the challenge."
- Candy Cambell

After having cancer surgery, John began working with me to increase my overall strength and return 100% use of my left arm. This was done in my home and without any equipment. He worked out a routine for me to follow every day together with twice weekly in-home visits. What an improvement! Now I am truly on the road to recovery!
- Terri Markham

I received a brain injury from a car accident in 1989. I have a weak left side. I have been working out with John Tyree over a year. We work out on stationary bikes, treadmills, and other exercise equipment. John pushes you hard, but not too hard. He gets you physically in shape. His positive mental approach helps you want to improve faster. I know I have progressed more with John this past year than I thought I could or would with any other trainer. My accident was 8 years ago and that is many personal trainers and therapists. I highly recommend John Tyree, Personal Trainer to anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental well being.
- Hope Rutledge

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